IT Force Portfolio

Click <a target='_blank' href='alphabet/'>here</a> to visit demo
Learning Alphabet with fun for kids
Directory Listing
Click <a target='_blank' href='file/'>here</a> to visit demo
Directory Listing for file sharing and download platform
Hospital Management
Click <a target='_blank' href='hospital/'>here</a> to visit demo
Fully Hospital Management web application. Contact us for your customizes version.
Lost Found
Click <a target='_blank' href='lost/'>here</a> to visit demo
Globally, 607 people go missing every single day, without a trace. This application allow to post lost informations
Click <a target='_blank' href='quran/'>here</a> to visit demo
View Holly Quran and search words or see sura
Hospital Report
Click <a target='_blank' href='report/'>here</a> to visit demo
Small version of hospital management web application, it containt one kind of report
Subtitle River
Click <a target='_blank' href='subs/'>here</a> to visit demo
This is an entertainment web application, visitor can store subtitle links and search it
Click <a target='_blank' href='sheba/'>here</a> to visit demo
Hospital Management web application, anyone can use it for 30 days trial
Virtual Chat Friend
Click <a target='_blank' href='tuktuki/'>here</a> to visit demo
This is just a funny application. It allow to question visitors and random reply from database, It also store unknown questions, which can be answared by admin or visitors.